"Silver Bullet" concept generated with the creation of 250 cowboy/western heritage churches in 8 states.

New Mexico New Church Pastor Shares Testimony

The phrase “the ride of my life” is an understatement describing the journey we are experiencing at Valencia County Cowboy Church.  Eight months ago we were excited about the chance to be a part of a new cowboy church, but we never could have imagined what we were about to witness and the plan God had for us in eight months.  There are three defining factors that have influenced the success of VCCC:  1. the sovereignty of God, 2. the partnership with Ron Nolen and CUIM 3.  the amazing core group God put together at VCCC.  Ron has been a friend, mentor and a great example to me personally and as a pastor. Ron invested in my life on a weekly basis.   It was amazing that the phone would ring at the right time as I was working through new challenges, it would be Ron and he would give me counsel on these challenging issues not knowing I was working through them.  Ron has an incredible heart for the cowboy church movement.  In 30 years of ministry I have not encountered a man that has shown the passion, sacrifice and humility for a vision to impact the kingdom of God.

The board members and friends of CUIM have been beyond supportive and encouraging.  We have had board members contact us to pray with us, share their excitement for what God is doing in our church and community.    As a church we are committed to supporting CUIM financially on a monthly basis and as God continues to bless VCCC we will increase our financial support as well as our time and spiritual support.  VCCC leadership looks forward to partnering with CUIM in the development of new church starts in the future.

As a church we stand side by side with CUIM, as a pastor I stand side by side with Ron Nolen.


Sincerely in Him,

Curt Miller

CUIM has created a 5 year plan to start 12 new high impact Western Heritage (Cowboy) Churches in 12 strategically chosen cities, known as the What If Campaign.  We need your help & support to do this.  If the Lord leads you, please donate what you can or want to CUIM by clicking on the Donate button to the right.  See trifold brochure below.

You can donate to CUIM and deduct from your Federal Income taxes as an IRS 501 c 3 non-profit corporation.

Planting Churches

This is what we do!!  We provide a proven and tested strategy developed over 20 years by Ron Nolen.

The best way is to contact Ron Nolen, Executive Director under Contact Us, to find out how to start one.




Please join with Brother Curt Miller and The Valencia County Cowboy Church, VCCC, in Bosque Farms, New Mexico and CUIM as we pray and seek the Lord's direction for a way forward to secure a first unit building loan in the amount of $350,000.00 for a 3 yr. period at 6% interest amortized over 25 yr time.  A local lender at end of 3yr period  will be enlisted to take the balance of loan, pay it off , and because of VCCC's projected growth, and help the Church with Phase II of building needs, which by then, could well include a major Western Worship Center by converting the existing building into a youth center and Children's Christian Education space.  The Prospectus for this church is a brief history of the Valencia County Cowboy Church, Bosque Farms New Mexico (just outside of Albuquerque, NM ) and has been prepared by Pastor Curt Miller and church leaders.  This new Western Church in New Mexico represents the Hope of many more western church starts in New Mexico in the future .  

May God be Glorified and may souls be won to Christ our Lord. 

Ron Nolen, CUIM Director




Ron Nolen, Executive Director

CUIM...stands for Cowboy-up-international Ministries, which is attempting to launch 15 high impact Cowboy Churches across our Nation over the next 3 years. After one year of preparation, the first was launched on March 5, 2017, in Bosque Farms, New Mexico. By the Lord's Grace and Help this major new western Church could impact nearby Albuquerque with an estimated one million population in the surrounding area. Please, join in praying for pastor Curt Miller/family and newly recruited Christian leaders/workers which, The Lord is seeking to raise-up in Bosque Farms. That many souls will be won to Christ and that all will have the opportunity to grow into maturing disciples of the Savior. Valencia County Cowboy Church is meeting not far from the Bosque County Rodeo Grounds at the Bosque Farms Elementary School. Prayer is needed for this New Church plant located in the western part of the USA and prayer that CUIM will find favor with God and favor with His people in continuing this "first century" method of Church Evangelism/Disciple Making.

Ron Nolen, CEO/President CUIM

The Newest CUIM Western Heritage Churck in Edgewood, NM.  CONGRATULATIONS!!



Demographics Being Targeted

We are presently working in New Mexico, California, Texas, Alabama, Arizona.  Any area is considered beyond these if brought to us.

Our Purpose: "An IRS 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation established to  encourage and support Western Heritage Church Planting as "We Go Across America With the Gospel"



How does one start a Western Heritage Church?