The First Western Heritage Church in New Mexico & under CUIM!!

Cowboy Up International Ministries, an IRS 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, started the first such church in the state of New Mexico in Santa Fe, called the Santa Fe County Cowboy Church.  The Director, Ron Nolen along with Bud and Linda McCrady of Glorietta, New Mexico worked for 6 months evaluating and organizing a core group in 2011.  The new church was launched in September 2011.


He was more than an actor.  He was a humanitarian, a patriot, a father, a husband, a politician, a rancher, a director and producer and most of all, an AMERICAN.  When he died headlines in Japanese newspapers read  “MR. AMERICA IS DEAD”.


          “ We must always look to the future.  Tomorrow, the time that gives a man one more chance, is one of the many things that I feel are wonderful in life.

So’s a good horse under you.  Or the only campfire for miles around.  Or a quiet night and a soft hunk of ground to sleep on.  A mother meeting her first-born for the first time.  A child calling you dad for the first time.  There’s a lot of things great about life.  But I think tomorrow is the most important thing.  Comes to us at midnight very clean.  It’s perfect when it arrives and puts itself in our hands.  It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”